Dimas Enterprises | About
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About Dimas

Dimas Enterprises specializes in the overall commercialization, promotion, distribution, and importation of specialty Mexican food products and also provides the most personalized marketing and promotions services to our customers. We have two primary goals that we focus on, the first being to not only meet but exceed our customers’ service expectations. Our second objective is to become an importing, marketing, and distribution leader in the United States by bringing the highest quality brands and products to the Hispanic and general market consumer.

Pete and Jane Dimas started Dimas Enterprises LLC in 2008 and have worked diligently with their customers to turn Dimas Enterprises into what it is today. With 42 years experience dealing and negotiating corporate accounts, Pete and Jane understand what it takes to work with their customers to create a successful relationship.

Dimas Enterprises is proud to support, and be involved in, many aspects of the Houston community. We recently had the privilege of working with the University of Houston School of Business in an effort to contribute to, and enrich, the community in which we live.

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